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Support Facilities (Shops)

Shop and Storage Facilities

We currently support applied learning by producing between 10 and 18 program theatre productions (student, faculty and guest artist directed) in three theatre venues annually.

Scene Shop

The Scene Shop is a 3500 square foot space with 20’ clear height, located immediately adjacent to The Studio Theatre. Access to the loading dock is via a 24’ X 8’ lift. The scene shop is equipped with extensive industrial grade woodworking and metalworking tools, both electric and pneumatic. The space is certified for “hot work” and is equipped with gas, plasma, MIG and TIG metal working equipment, and regularly produces extensive steel and aluminum construction. Beyond traditional construction techniques, the shop regularly designs and fabricates motion control systems using fluid, pneumatic and electrical power components. A paint area provides support for scenic art needs. Tool cabinets, hardware bins, and many pieces of power equipment are equipped with casters for portability as the shop space is sometimes included in performance.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop is a 1200 square foot space in Henderson Hall featuring excellent ambient lighting from many windows. It is well equipped with cutting tables, ironing tables, a fitting room, and Bernina electronic sewing machines. The shop also utilizes sergers for edge finishing and electronic embroidery capability. There is an adjacent craft area with spray booth, washers and dryers, and a large capacity commercial dye vat. Extensive shelving provides for fabric and notion storage in the shop.

Storage Warehouse

The Storage Warehouse is an off-campus 17,000 square foot climate controlled lease space that houses some 25,000 plus costume pieces and a large collection of antique, modern and handcrafted furniture pieces. Additionally a large array of platform, steel structural elements and specialty items are maintained in this facility. The program has a 16-foot diesel box van for logistic support as the storage facility is located some two miles off campus.

Sub-Stage at The Haymarket Theatre

The Sub-Stage at the Haymarket Theatre contains a large shop area, dressing rooms, and storage for hand props, soft goods and equipment. It is used as additional workspace when we produce in this theatre.

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